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Jesus would have been a liberal. Covid rant.

I am getting frustrated with my family members. My Dad in particular. My Dad has always been a conspiracy theorist. I always thought it was endearing and a little interesting at times. I love watching stuff about conspiracy theories, but never have given them any credit. 

From the start of Covid, my Dad has been watching people like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Now he is in deep with watching all of the people who are spreading misinformation. It has caused a great strain between us. I remember being so terrified to get the vaccine because of what he had been saying. It took my 16-year-old son to finally convince me to get it. 

After I got the shot I was so lightheaded from anxiety and I was afraid to go to sleep that night. I had a huge headache and fever and felt pretty puny for a few days. My Dr said it was a good thing because it meant I had a good immune response to it. Fast forward almost five months after getting the second shot and I am looking forward to getting my third in November. 

The world feels like it is on fire. They have politicized the vaccine. Conservative talk show hosts are dying left and right from Covid. (As of Sept 16th 5 had died just this summer) They have made it a point to spread fear and misinformation and then on their deathbed they say they wish they had gotten the vaccine. There is now a website called that tells the sad stories leading up to their deaths. What is infuriating to me is that this is preventable. With a safe and effective vaccine, you too can live through Covid. 

My Dad sends me misinformation every day and I debunk it but he does not listen. I blame the people he listens to. They have brainwashed all of these people. I have seen people that I used to be friends with completely lose their minds over this. I can't stand to look at Facebook and see what they post. It makes me so sick to my stomach. I want to scream at them to wake up. You guys are better than this. 

This whole thing has made me have an identity crisis. I used to be a very modest conservative Christian. It's like when I stopped going to church after my best friend's suicide the blinders started coming off. Slowly I was coming out of years of brainwashing. I am still a God-fearing Christian but my God loves everyone regardless of who they are. I do not believe in being legalistic. I do not believe in twisting the words in the bible to promote hate. I will talk more about that another time. I still need to rant. 

What would Jesus think about Covid? Like any other good liberal he would get the vaccine. He would encourage others to get the vaccine as well. I truly believe God is shaking his head in disbelief as to how his sheep can be led astray. They are literally following false prophets. God created Science. I believe that he definitely had a hand in getting this vaccine out. He was answering the prayers of his people and using brilliant Doctor's and Scientist's to do it. They pray for Covid to end. He has given them a way to end Covid. Instead, they are actively being disobedient.

The Bible has some very clear verses on how we are supposed to respect authority. Of course Christians today are not very Christ-like. In fact, Jesus would not recognize his followers. Especially how recently they have stopped caring about protecting others. They refuse to get vaccinated. They chide those who do. They have even broken out into violence. 

I discovered pro-vax TikTok. I follow a lot of wonderful Doctors, Nurses, Epidemiologists, Immunologists, and Therapists who take time out of their busy lives to get on TikTok and fight misinformation with facts. Sharing credible sources. A lot of them have linktrees with links to medical studies and important websites so people can see for themselves. I have seen firsthand how these wonderful human beings get threatened, doxxed, bullied, harassed, and called horrible things. Who would do this? Conservative anti-vaxxers. Not very Christ-like. They are also comparing getting the vaccine to the Holocaust which is extremely upsetting and survivors of the Holocaust have spoken out about it.  

More than anything I am scared. I don't want to lose the people I love the most to this virus. They have been misled. It is scary to see all rationality go out of a person. It is mind-boggling how they think all these brilliant, well-educated people are wrong. I am furious at the Fox New's anchors who perpetuate this misinformation. They are fully vaccinated and continue to spread lies. I am furious at Alex Jones. If he gets sick, he has the resources to get hospital care and monoclonal antibodies. I wonder how he sleeps at night with all the blood on his hands. 

I want the White House to do something. To hold people who spread misinformation accountable for their actions. Social Media platforms should ban users who spread misinformation. There is currently a woman on TikTok and YouTube who has a tutorial up on how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide to cure Covid. I tried to report her but they said she did not violate guidelines. I am angry. Parents with kids were asking her how to do it. Inhaling hydrogen peroxide is so dangerous that AAFA had to release a statement on it. I can feel my bp rising. I don't like being angry but I have had enough. This needs to stop.

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Jesus was a liberal democrat and a socialist.


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