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Jesus would have been a liberal. Covid rant.

I am getting frustrated with my family members. My Dad in particular. My Dad has always been a conspiracy theorist. I always thought it was endearing and a little interesting at times. I love watching stuff about conspiracy theories, but never have given them any credit.  From the start of Covid, my Dad has been watching people like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Now he is in deep with watching all of the people who are spreading misinformation. It has caused a great strain between us. I remember being so terrified to get the vaccine because of what he had been saying. It took my 16-year-old son to finally convince me to get it.  After I got the shot I was so lightheaded from anxiety and I was afraid to go to sleep that night. I had a huge headache and fever and felt pretty puny for a few days. My Dr said it was a good thing because it meant I had a good immune response to it. Fast forward almost five months after getting the second shot and I am looking forward to getting

Panic Disorder/Anxiety What I do to ease my symptoms naturally. TW//Drug Use

  I was diagnosed with anxiety in my teens. I remember sitting in my accounting class in High School and all of a sudden feeling hot and antsy. I felt an overwhelming urge to run from the room. I felt like everyone was looking at me. This kept happening and my doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and put me on medicine. After High School, my anxiety wasn't as frequent. From the age of 18-20 I became a party girl. I went a little wild. I was doing a lot of drugs in the clubs every weekend. When I was 20 I went over to a friend's house and did too much cocaine. It made my heart go out of rhythm and I experienced my first panic attack. I thought I was dying. My heart was skipping. My friends were talking about dropping me off in front of the hospital and leaving. I feel like I really came close to dying that night.  I eventually calmed down and went home. The next day when I woke up, I was fine. I got in the bathtub to take a bath and all of a sudden the same thing happene