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How am I really feeling? TW: Self Harm, suicide, depression, anxiety

Just smile and Fake it
Nod your head, make eye contact.
Don't fidgit.
Don't avert your eyes.
Tell the Doctor what he wants to hear.
Don't give them any reason to not believe you.
Choke back the tears.
You can cry when you're alone.
Stuff the emotions deep down.
Hide your wrists.
Wear long sleeves.
Delete the VODs.
No one will know.
Hide the razors.
Clean up the blood.
Hide the tissue.
Leave no evidence.
At night you can cry.
Do what you need to feel.
Punish yourself for being a failure.
Everyone is tired of you.
Your constant disappointments.
Your pathetic attempts at love.
You're too emotional.
No one wants to hear you whine.
Delete that tweet.
No one liked it anyway.
Why are you making that post?
People are laughing at you.
You're a hypocrite.
You can't even take care of yourself.
You're a horrible Mother.
He would be better off an orphan.
No one will love you.
Why do you even try?


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