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Anime Podcast Review: Weekly Anime Chat EP 8 *SPOILERS*

These are my friends so anything I say out of pocket is in fun. There will be spoilers. You have been warned. Please go follow Cora on YouTube. He makes reaction videos as well as the podcast. His links are down below. I am trying to get him to stream on Twitch more. The video I am watching and commenting on can be found here:

EDIT: I think I may have gotten Meli and Superior mixed up. They need to add their names to their pfp.

Cora introduces the podcast. Podcast #8. Blue is joining the podcast this week. Geez, did Cora just call SAO mid???? Gosen apologizes in advance for anything Cora says because apparently, he is hungover. 

Um, Cora this has been happening a lot lately. Do we need an intervention? 

New sponsors this week. Apple and Raid Shadowlands. Code CORA for 15% off. Cora thanks Apple for the free iPhone and for having Angry Birds pre-downloaded. Speez wants to know who plays Angry Birds anymore. Cora has a sad face. Wait, did this become a mobile game podcast? Someone's baby is crying in the background. 

Rent a Girlfriend

Speeze wants to know who would fuck Ruka. Speez said he would smash. Superior says older real girls suck. (excuse me) Cora said he watched the newest Black Clover episode and in the comment section people were saying Mami sucks. We get educated on Doujen's. Cora facepalms at 7:38.