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SAO S3 Ep 20 Review and Synopsis *SPOILERS*

Sword Art Online  S3 E20 The Night-Sky Blade Synopsis and Review  Disclaimer: I am pretty new to anime. I just started my anime addiction in February. I am not well versed in terminology. I have the Light Novels but I have not started them. This is very much a noob review. I will say the wrong things. Once I start the LN's I hope to go back through the series and compare. Contains SPOILERS This episode starts off with Kirito and Alice. Kirito turns the dragons into eggs to protect them and they are safe in Alice's arms. Kirito apologizes to Alice for making her worry. Asuna comforts Alice and tells her everything will be all right but they need to hurry to The Worlds End Altar. Asuna points her sword at the sky and makes a staircase appear. She collapses but tells Alice she will be alright. She says they do not have a lot of time before the altar closes. Asuna takes Alice's hand and they sprint up the stairs. Alice says in her mind that there are so many questions she has a

SAO S3 Episode 19 Review and Synopsis *SPOILERS*

SAO S3 Episode 19 Awakening Originally aired August 23, 2020 This post will contain heavy spoilers.  The episode starts off where we ended. Kirito is standing on the battlefield facing Vassago. Vassago says it's the continuation of showtime. New op. Anima by Reona is absolutely beautiful and just fits this season. Vassago and Kirito fight. It is so good to hear Kirito's voice again this season.  Vassago tries to get Kirito to throw down the broken blue rose sword so he can use both hands. Kirito refuses.  Eugeo shows up and helps Kirito fight just like Yuuki did with Asuna. The blue rose sword is fixed. Kirito logs out the red soldiers so they don't suffer and Vassago is upset he is not getting their life energy. Kirito is able to absorb the life resources to both his swords and his outfit is also transformed into his aincrad outfit. The fidgit spinner is back boys. My man looks good in black.  Kirito vs Vassago continues. This is an epic fight scene

SAO S3 Episodes 18 Review and Synopsis *SPOILERS*

Anime review: SAO S3 Episode 18  Warning: This review and synopsis will contain spoilers. This was a long-awaited episode for LN readers. If you are on anitwitter then you already know my love/hate relationship with the LN readers. They are an excellent source of information but sometimes they give too much information oftentimes spoiling upcoming episodes. They do have a place in our community though. They are happy to answer questions after the episode of something didn't fit or needed more explanation. Now on to the episode. This episode starts out with Kirito in a classroom. He then walks around and passes his friends unknowingly. There is an advertisement for Nerve Gear on a big screen. He turns his head down an alley and our hearts skip a beat when we see our beloved Sachi. We are blessed with a new op.  We are brought back to the battlefield. Vassago continues to taunt Kirito as he lays immobile. Then comes the moment that we've been teased for weeks. My hear

The SAO Twitter Wars

Something is bothering me. This is not a new problem. It's just really getting under my skin. I know that what I am about to say is not going to miraculously change people minds and make them stop being asshats, but I need to get this off my chest. Lately on Twitter there has been a war. This is nothing new for Twitter. Twitter has long been a battlefield for keyboard warriors. I quit Twitter a couple years ago because of how angry it made me and it was affecting my life. I joined back in February of this year mainly to get updates on a tech convention I was supposed to be attending. I also use it for Twitch. This time I made sure not to follow any political groups or people who were overly political. I mute politics. This was great for a while. Then I got into anime and found anitwitter. Anime seems like a harmless interest. What could possibly be negative here? I am a huge fan of Sword Art Online. Apparently people have very strong feelings about it. I am of the mind