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Let's Talk Thursday: Depression. *Trigger Warning*

Therapy Thursday is now Let's talk Thursday. Same concept with a focus on Mental Health Awareness. I planned for today's topic to be Depression. This morning as I was scrolling Twitter I found out that a popular streamer had committed suicide. The more I read about what he went through, the more I started to connect to him. I live with mental illness. Depression and suicidal ideologies are a part of what I deal with daily. Something I struggle with is that I want so badly to be loved. At the same time, I am so broken and have so much baggage that it is hard for anyone to love me or become close to me and I don't want someone to have to deal with it. I've had friends leave because of it.  I can't be sunshine and rainbows all the time and no one wants to be around that negativity. It runs people off. So what happens is people fake a smile and fake happiness to make everyone around them more comfortable. Positivity attracts positive. I've been trying to be more pos