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Night Terror Journal


I had several night terrors. As soon as I would jolt awake from one I fell asleep and had another.

One I was fighting off an invisible force and fell out of my bed onto my blanket. Something then took the blanket and dragged me down the hall screaming.

I was covered in my blanket. Something was holding me down and poking me in the ribs on both sides so hard it was physical pain. 


I had a sleep study. I literally prayed for night terrors to happen while I was hooked up. I got more than I bargained for.

The first one and only one that I distinctly remember. This was an entity that I had not encountered before. I kept hearing a females voice talking out of my right ear. She was standing in front of the window. I could only see her silhouette. I tried to call out to the sleep technician. I had sleep paralysis so I could not move. I was sleeping on my hand and I tried to get my fingers to move so I could pry my mouth open so I could scream. The lady was trying to get me to look at her. I refused to turn my eyes that way. This has never happened in any of my night terrors, she somehow started tilting the bed to the right and said "You will look at me" and I woke up. I had more sleep paralysis and night terrors but this is the only one I remember in detail. I do find it interesting that it was a completely different "entity"


Same entity as before. I thought I was awake. I felt the bed physically go down like someone was crawling into my bed from the head of the bed. This thing put it's arms underneath me with it's fingers on my ribs and pressed until it hurt so bad. I was paralyzed so I could not move away from the pain. Sitting here typing this out I can feel the fingers on my ribs and distinctly remember the pain I felt while it was pressing its fingers into my back like it had a finger on each rib in my back. I had a few more night terrors with sleep paralysis during this night but I can not remember them in detail.


I thought I was awake. I thought my son was walking into my room. All the sudden I could feel the bed go down and something crawled into bed behind me and put it's hands on either side of me. It was holding me down and leaning over top of me from behind. It had long hair and I couldn't make out a face. I tried to lift my arms to push it off of me but I could not move. It was like my muscles were not working. I know exactly what is happening. I know this is sleep paralysis and a night terror. It is very vivid and I am lucid. I am screaming but no sounds are coming out of my mouth. I am trying to wake myself up. I finally say in my mind dear God get this abomination off of me and I finally wake up shaking. I can still feel cold hands on my body. 


I heard something running through the house making growling noises. The light inside the house was red light. Outside it looked eerie. I was screaming at this thing trying to making it go away. Screaming things I had seen in exorcist movies at it. I knew I was in a different dimension, asleep. I tried breaking lamps to wake myself up. I crawled to my son's room and screamed for him to wake up but he did not talk he growled like the thing chasing me around the apartment. The thing chasing me around the apartment looked like an overgrown tasmanian devil and felt demonic in nature. I was finally able to get myself awake though I could not move. 


I was laying on my couch sleeping. I sleep with a blanket over my head for comfort. I woke up to people walking past me. I could see their outlines through the blanket. Four people walked past. They were speaking and in a line. I couldn't make out what they were saying. Four more people passed. I could not move. I was paralyzed. I tried to scream. Somehow the blanket went away and a dark figure was standing next to the couch. They bent over and stretched out their hand to me. I kept willing myself to wake up. I tried to do deep breathing as suggested by someone to lift you out of sleep paralysis. I kept staring at the figure. It had a feminine shape. Kind of looked like my sister but everything was dark. She just stood there with her hand outstretched and then I finally woke up. I am glad these are happening less frequently. They are still extremely terrifying and I wake up in a panic and my heart racing.

I've went so long without sleep paralysis so this was terrifying. It was like I could see myself from above. I could not move. I was trying so hard to scream and knew I needed to wake myself up. As I am trying to will myself to wake up I hear a voice say "I am just trying to talk to you". There is a red glow to the room and I don't see the sleep demon but I feel his presence getting closer. I'm trying to move my arms so I can defend myself but I'm paralyzed. I can move my eyes though and I'm looking around the room. It felt like it was going to go on forever. A muffled scream finally escapes and I am able to wake up. When I woke up my heart was racing. Everything was exactly the same as in the dream except there wasn't the red glow. Same sleep position, everything.

I was laying in bed sleeping with my guy friend beside me. I can remember feeling so happy and peaceful. Then a dark figure came and dragged me out of bed by my ankles and put me in another bed with the dark figure. I was terrified and afraid to look at him or move. I curled up into a ball and shook. 


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