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Americans need access to Mental Healthcare NOW

This originally started out as a tweet after I became upset after searching for Therapy for myself. I suffer from PTSD, Panic Disorder, and a Mood Disorder. Last fall I went off of the 4 different medications I was on because I could not function. I was a zombie all the time and had no quality of life. Because I am no longer on those medications I struggle every day. Especially during times like these when my PTSD is triggered by the current events. I made a promise to someone that I would get help. Today I was looking into therapy. One therapy I am particularly interested in is Ketamine Therapy. Ketamine Treatment can save lives. Especially for individuals like me who are medication-resistant. I have tried every medicine currently available for my disorders. None of them made the soul-crushing depression go away. The side effects outweighed the benefits which is why I was advised to detox from them. I went through three long months of withdrawals after being on one of the medications

Night Terror Journal

3/17/2021 I had several night terrors. As soon as I would jolt awake from one I fell asleep and had another. One I was fighting off an invisible force and fell out of my bed onto my blanket. Something then took the blanket and dragged me down the hall screaming. I was covered in my blanket. Something was holding me down and poking me in the ribs on both sides so hard it was physical pain.  2/17/2021 I had a sleep study. I literally prayed for night terrors to happen while I was hooked up. I got more than I bargained for. The first one and only one that I distinctly remember. This was an entity that I had not encountered before. I kept hearing a females voice talking out of my right ear. She was standing in front of the window. I could only see her silhouette. I tried to call out to the sleep technician. I had sleep paralysis so I could not move. I was sleeping on my hand and I tried to get my fingers to move so I could pry my mouth open so I could scream. The lady was tryin