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Valorant: My review of the closed access Beta

I received my drop thanks to watching a friend's Valorant stream on April 15. It took me four days and a lot of Twitch Valorant Live Stream watching. Valorant was a hard game for me to get into. I am a CSGO player so I am good at clicking on heads, but with Valorant the agents each have different abilities. Since all streamers now were able to drop keys, I took the opportunity to try and reach Twitch affiliate. I put on some makeup and started streaming.

I did the tutorial and some of the practices, but I am a player who learns more by being in the action so I queued up solo for a game. The first lobby was nice, quiet. No one talked. I had no clue where to go or what to do and we lost. I queued up for my second match and was lucky enough to be with some toxic players. The insults and bullying started. I am aware of the toxicity in online games. It is pretty much a given that there are going to be toxic people and if you complain about it people pretty much say "then don't play online games". You should expect to be talked this way and it is widely excepted as normal. I ended up abandoning the match because I got tired of the way I was being talked to.

The next day I decided to try again. I had reviewed some agent walkthrough videos and felt I was a little more prepared this time. My current agent of choice (My Main) is Jett. I have played a couple of the other agents, but I feel most comfortable with Jett and Sage. I met some great people playing this game and we have a team. It is a lot better than playing with randoms. One of the issues I have faced when playing with randoms other than the toxicity is that you get people who disconnect. When someone disconnects you aren't given a bot like in csgo and you can not abandon the match. It makes for a very unenjoyable game.

I have been streaming Valorant and playing non stop for a few weeks now and I have to say I have grown incredibly bored by Valorant. Even when ranked came out, I was over it. You played the same three maps over and over. I get that it is a closed beta, but playing it so much and watching the streams for the beta drop have really made me not like this game anymore. Maybe when they release new maps, and fix the bigs, I will come back to it. It will never be my main game though.


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