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Baring my soul ***Trigger warning, don't read if depressed***

Disclaimer: You may not want to read this post if you are easily triggered by topics of depression, anxiety, suicide, or self-harm. If you are having thoughts of suicide please visit We are in a very uncertain time. I am currently self quarantining and have not left my house or seen anyone outside of my son in a month. We have ventured out to the store for necessities, but that is all. He had a birthday earlier this month and I had a birthday a couple of days ago. This is usually a fun month. It has honestly been Hell.  When the first news of Coronavirus came about, I was positive. I told everyone that this was probably just blown up by the media. It isn't as bad as everyone thinks. It is going to go away as soon as it came. It wouldn't be long before every ounce of positivity was sucked out of me.  It started when I went to the store the first time after the Coronavirus was on the news and they were telling people to stay home. I j

Let me introduce myself

Hello. My name is Elektra. I am a single Mom. I have raised my son on my own from the time he was 4 years old. His father abandoned him and hasn't been heard from since. All of that time I have been just a mom. I don't feel like I have had my own identity. I recently decided that I want to start living for me. All this time I have had someone so dependent on me that I lost myself. Now he is a teenager. So here I am finding out who I really am. I am discovering new things about myself. Some have been pretty surprising. I hope that you will follow along with me as I figure things out.